April 2014

The groupon has now expired, and I sign a two year contract with the gym.  It is a forgone conclusion because I signed a contract with Becky, a staff trainer, in March.

Becky asks about my goals.  I tell her the same thing I tell Travis; she ain’t buying it.  I think about the day before the birth of my first son.  I weighed 200 lbs.  It’s a nice, even number.  She agrees that it is realistic.

Becky administers a Microfit test.  I take it home and show my husband.  It’s a wake-up call.  BMI, 41%.  Weight, 259.  Sit ups, F.  Push ups, F. Blood pressure, pass.  Bicep strength, A!

Husband is now supportive of the move to join a gym.  He now sees it as preventative medicine.


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