May 2014

Things I’ve bought:

yoga pants

– the girls hated seeing me in yoga pants, and were mortified that I would dare wear them in public at the gym. When I told the trainer this during the initial interview, she wrote down, “not much family support.”

Gym shoes

-found on sale at Dick’s. Actually the street shoes I bought at famous footwear are more comfortable and were cheaper!

gloves for weightlifting

-I was a little weirded out by handling weights and felt more comfortable with these on. When they started to fray I didn’t replace them. I got over it.

Heart rate monitor

– I like using this!  I read tons and tons about HR, only to decide the talk test is the most accurate. But 150 is a strenuous but not a killer HR for me, and I like looking at that number while I’m on the treadmill.

I thought I would hate the treadmill. I didn’t use it for a long time. But I like it. I crank up the incline and walk.  Sometimes steady, sometimes interval between brisk walking and slow walking.

Sports bra

I think as I lose weight that this is easier for me to shimmy into. It was the largest available at Dick’s, and still didn’t fit very well. I used it on Father’s Day as a girdle so I could fit into a dress I hadn’t worn in 5 years.


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