July 2014

Progress dress 6/29/14

waist:  108 cm

How funny! I’m still in the “before picture” stage, yet I can really tell my swimsuit fits better. So I’m at the pool, how pleased I am about rocking the suit!

I use the C25K treadmill routine in some  of my cardio work. I would like to be able to run 6.2 mph for 30 min. That seems like an impossible dream! “A little faster” is a good short term goal.  I can do intervals between 3.1 mph and 4.8 mph on the treadmill, and I know I couldn’t do that 3 months ago.

Another goal is is doing one chin up by myself.So my intermediate goal is to progress to the chin up assist without my trainer having to get under the machine to push me up with the assist weight maxed out. I’m sure we look pretty funny! My strength goals for everything else is “a little more” (weight or reps) “than last time”.

I’m back on the wagon for counting calories. Though I have to say that working out is more enjoyable.

I saw an idea of keeping a journal of temptations that I resisted. I’m not turning this forum into that, but I was able to resist some fast food pizza today, thinking about my decision to post my waist measurement every month. Suddenly, “eating in secret” doesn’t seem so secret.


One thought on “July 2014

  1. Rose Kreher says:

    You look great — physically and, if that grin means anything, mentally as well. You are right that maintenance is tough; it’s easier if you are an abstainer or an exerciser (or both!).

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