August 2014


Progress shirt 111.5 cm waist

Progress shirt 111.5 cm waist

Waist:  111.5

hmm. Wrong direction!

This month I am wearing a progress shirt. I hope to be able to wear it to 4H meetings someday.

Why is this called InchwormByInchworm?

Inchworms move slowly, like improving fitness.

Also there is an exercise called the inchworm.


It seems to me that walking requires a lot of cushioning, as the heel takes a lot of pressure, and that pressure reverberates up the body.

But not-walking (I hesitate to call what I do “running”) with good form means you come down on the ball of the foot — gentler than the heel. And, you want to develop the muscles to support that movement — but cushioning babies the supporting muscles too much, which can lead to injury.

So I’m going to try something.  I have a $15 pair of shoes with a $5 pair of inserts for the heel and arch. Instead of replacing them at 500 miles or six months, I’ll replace them at 3 months.

That’s still 2/3 the cost of one pair of specialty shoes, which are supposed to be replaced 2x a year.

And I’ll probably wear them everyday, which is also a big no no in running shoes.  That’s where the Payless inserts really help.

If I start to feel pain I’ll know my hypothesis is wrong!


Ive been collecting clean eating and paleo recipes on the Evernote app. I’ve also been counting calories on the FitnessPal app. I didn’t count calories on vacation, but I am getting to know how my tummy feels throughout the day when I am eating within calorie guidelines. I gained 1 lb  on vacation. Back on the counting calories wagon. There is always such a discrpancy in calories between the food choices displayed on the app. I try my best and cross my fingers. It is like Gnosticism — secret knowledge!


One thought on “August 2014

  1. Rose Kreher says:

    Because I schlepped around in sandals when I walked on my lunch hour at work, I developed plantar fasciitis (aka “heel spurs” because of the pain in the heel). Deeeeeebilitating. I gained 5 pounds and hurt all the time because I stopped walking. Finally, a podiatrist had me use Power Step orthotics in my shoes. They helped. (They are reasonably priced…

    That was 10 years ago. I have used them ever since.

    Three years ago, however, I developed severe pain in my left knee. The orthopedic doc said it was arthritis and I should live with it. At the same time, I also had a pain in my little toe that was driving me nuts and went to see the podiatrist again. He had me wear big time (Medicare paid for them $200) plaster of Paris orthotics that are so big and clunky the shoes you are forced to wear to accommodate them look like clown wear. They were a bitch to get used to, but I persevered. The upshot? My little toe still hurts, but the knee feels fine….You are definitely on the right track. (I only use them now in my walking shoes. I use regular commercial orthotics in my other shoes.)

    P.S. And don’t be so sure you gained a pound on vacation. My rule of thumb is don’t weigh yourself for two weeks after you come back from a vacation. Then check and see.

    You look good in green.

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