September 2014

September 3, 2014 231 lbs

September 3, 2014
231 lbs

A note about the picture: I look sweaty because I’d just gotten back from the gym when this was taken. It was taken by my daughter, Frances. She says, “Mom, I hope people don’t look at your pictures [in reverse order] and think, ‘what has that lady been eating?!'”

Thanks, Frances.

Well, I’ve gotten through the stress of getting the big kids off to school without too much damage to the weight loss. Let’s get past “holding steady” and get back to decreasing calories in.

“If you don’t love it, you won’t stick to it.”

I understand this sentiment, and I admit I don’t “love” decreasing caloric intake. Though I don’t mind the treadmill like I thought I would, and I do like lifting stronger weights — 30 lb. dumbbells for chest presses is something I’m proud of!

I don’t “love” changing diapers, though I’ve changed 1,000+ over the years. I can be a big girl and tolerate inconvenience for a greater good.


2 thoughts on “September 2014

  1. Rose Kreher says:

    30 pound weights. I am impressed. At 71, I use 8 pound free weights and still maintain some lovely biceps…I’ll never get rid of the chicken wing flaps though. Still, feeling strong is truly one of the best rewards of exercise. Shortly I’ll send you an email attachment from the NY Times — an article about the revolutionary “new” way of staying on a diet by following a low-carbohydrate, high protein diet. Back in the day, I had the Atkins diet book at the Holyoke library, but took it off the shelf when the new mantra became give up fats in exchange for carbohydrates. Now, lo, these many years later, “Ooops, our bad. Never mind. Fats are good; carbs are bad.”

    In her own way, I’m thinking, Frances is applauding you.

  2. Frances is such a sweetheart; I think you’re right. Actually I think all the kids are happy for me.

    There is a whole body of work regarding food addiction and marketing.

    I try to keep it simple; I don’t really want life without carbs, but there must be a generous amount of fiber in the product.

    I can control the fiber cheaply by baking bread — but portion control is a lot harder with homemade baked bread!

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