October 2014


I’m feeling pretty good!  I’ve reduced my hip measurement by 8 cm since July.  (That’s the booty measurement.)

I can tell.  My washing machine is in a corner of my bathroom, and I have to shimmy to get to it when the door is open.  In fact, when we first got it, I couldn’t shimmy around the door when it was open.  I still have to shimmy, but now I shimmy fairly easily.

I’ve found a sweet spot on the treadmill.  Now, I’m not a runner, and don’t really want to be, though I would like to do the Grand Blue Mile in 2016.  So I warm up 3.0 mph for five minutes, then on odd numbered minutes I do a high knees calisthenics for 10 seconds, and on even numbered minutes I do high knees for 20 seconds.  Then at 39:10 I cool down until 45:00.  This keeps my heart-rate in a zone where I’m breathing hard but not panting.  I do not adjust the mph.  I don’t need to.  High knees can be done in place.

I’d tried the treadmill version of C25K but was uncomfortable with all the fiddling with the speed of the machine.  I didn’t feel safe on it.  Wiping out on the treadmill will impede my progress in the gym!

Good thing I bought the cheap sneakers as disposable.  At 2.5 months, the shoe glue started deteriorating.  How sweet, making sure that I don’t second guess myself and keep them around past three months.  I have no grudges; these shoes have kept my feet, my knees, and my hips pain-free. I started this journey before my knees began to suffer too badly from the bodyweight.

So my favorite weight loss blogger, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, has a challenge to reduce/eliminate added sugar intake.  Sneaky, bringing that on right when all the stores have replaced Back to School with Halloween.  I’m going to have to re-read her posts on sugar addiction every morning for encouragement (and a little fear).



One thought on “October 2014

  1. Rose Kreher says:

    Yes, indeed, the opening day of eating season (Halloween) is almost here. Colder weather too (more hunkering and less movement). You are smart to acknowledge the dangers ahead. . . .I am a great one for New Year’s resolutions. When I was heavier, losing winter weight was always on the list. My strategy: Beginning January 1, I didn’t weigh myself for a whole month, and simply resumed “normal” eating, smaller portions at meals, no pastries or candies (gritted my teeth and threw out any leftover fudge, fruit cakes, cookies, stollen. Snacked on popcorn sprayed with butter-flavored Pam). Then I weighed myself on Ground Hog Day and used that number as my base figure for any weight gain before going on a diet (the diets varied over the years.) What worked about this system is that I usually did manage to loose the 2 actual pounds I had gained during eating season and, thus, avoided gaining the twenty or thirty pounds that people put on over time as they age and figure, “Oh, it was just two or three pounds; that’s not much. I thought I had gained at least ten.”
    Changing your lifestyle — which, as you know, is the basis for successful weight loss, requires lots of mental gymnastics, too.

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