December 2014

259 lbs - 219 lbs = 40

259 lbs – 219 lbs = 40

So . . . I didn’t want to report weight gain, so I waited to post November’s until I at least got even . . . but by then it was almost time for December’s post!

But I have some good news!  I am now 219, exactly 40 lbs. from the beginning.

And, I can bench press 70 lbs — 35 lb dumbbell in each hand, and I can Romanian Deadlift 135 lbs.  Of course my arms are still flabby, but I can see some definition in my arms, now.  That’s a pleasant surprise!

I’ve been avoiding the treadmill, as my left foot started getting fussy.  Heel spur. Plantar fasciitis.  So are you going to ask me about how those cheap shoes are going?

The silver lining is that it has forced me to explore other cardio at the gym. I am now confident enough to just get on any of the cardio machines and just try them out without permission or hand-holding.

So I wanted something that would replicate the ability to “run” and “walk” without having to punch buttons.  My way around that on the treadmill is just do high steps in place of “running,” but that’s harder for me to do on the elliptical.

The Cybex ARC trainer felt better than the elliptical, and the fact that I felt like I had to work to balance was actually a small plus.  I like going steady and progressively increasing the resistance.

But it is the Precor AMT that I’ve been using this month.  I can “sprint” for short periods of time and slow down and reduce my stride easily, without having to push any buttons.  I use the interval setting to change up the resistance.

So my daughter is giving a presentation next weekend:  “How to Make Holiday Chex Mix”  — oh, boy!  This week can’t go fast enough.  I’ve been eating way too much chex cereal this week, and it ain’t at breakfast time!  But I held steady at Thanksgiving.  My go-to girl for nutrition is A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, and she recommends reading The End of Overeating.

I’m finding the fitness aspect of weight loss to be rather enjoyable.  But I should read that overeating book.

I recently found a mom of 7 who lost 150 lbs and kept it off.



4 thoughts on “December 2014

  1. Janet says:

    Kelly, you look happy! Good job on your hard work. I too have been on a fitness journey. Whether it’s 10lbs or 100lbs to loose, it all takes mental determination and daily discipline. As guilty as I may feel spending the money for a monthly membership to the gym, it is all worth it to start feeling mentally and physically better about myself. Keep up the good work my friend! Can’t wait to see the lighter Kelly!

  2. Rose Kreher says:

    Here’s part of a review of the End of Overeating book:

    From Publishers Weekly
    Conditioned hypereating is a biological challenge, not a character flaw, says Kessler, former FDA commissioner under presidents Bush and Clinton). Here Kessler (A Question of Intent) describes how, since the 1980s, the food industry, in collusion with the advertising industry, and lifestyle changes have short-circuited the body’s self-regulating mechanisms, leaving many at the mercy of reward-driven eating. Through the evidence of research, personal stories (including candid accounts of his own struggles) and examinations of specific foods produced by giant food corporations and restaurant chains, Kessler explains how the desire to eat—as distinct from eating itself—is stimulated in the brain by an almost infinite variety of diabolical combinations of salt, fat and sugar.

    As you are wonderfully demonstrating, it doesn’t take willpower to change one’s life as much as motivation, habit, not buying junk food at the grocery store and the thrill of watching those emerging biceps.

  3. I was just reading the difference between “I can’t eat that” and “I choose not to eat that.” And, too often choosing not to eat something means a little rebellion, sticking it to the chemist who is paid to make me a junkie. If I think of it in terms of “I will not be manipulated” it suddenly becomes a thing where I am defending the kids from something that would hurt them (both directly, and indirectly through an unhealthy mom). As if with 4 girls I don’t have enough drama in my life!

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