February 2015

216 lbs. Feb 2015

216 lbs. Feb 2015

Howdy!  I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I held steady at 219 from October to last week — 216! I was mindful of calories, but didn’t count them. And I gave my left foot a much needed  break in the gym. My plantar faciits actually stopped bothering me. Perhaps I should have taken another 3 weeks off to let it really heal…I lost strength in my arms, but getting it back. Didn’t lose too much in the legs, though.

2014 was really a year to learn about the gym. 2015 is a year starting with a new, accurate kitchen scale. 2015 is a year to train myself what 200 calories looks like in the foods I commonly prepare — and learn new foods and their calorie counts, too.

Received new gym clothes for Christmas!  Snazziest girl in the gym!

I am proud of my accomplishment of losing 40 pounds in 2014. I want to do it again!


2 thoughts on “February 2015

  1. Rose Kreher says:

    I’m certain I suggested you try commercial orthotics for your plantar’s. Did you ever investigate Power Step orthotics? (Heelspurs.com) They help even if you use them in cheap shoes. I know this because they helped me! Also, do exercises that stretch the muscles in the backs of your calves and your heel cords. For example, support yourself with your fingertips on a table or desk top while you stand as tall as you can on your tip toes. Up, down, up down. Start with a few raises and keep building up. It makes your feet feel better and keeps area spots nicely stretched….Or do wall “pushaways.” Stand about two or two and a half feet away from a wall. Raise your arms to shoulder height, keeping them a little further apart than your shoulders, palms wall forward. Then, with your body straight as a board, lean forward into the wall, keeping your heels flat to the floor. If you can’t keep them on the floor at first, move toward the wall a bit until you can. But work backward as you get tougher. Hold the position 3 seconds, then push away with your arms. Repeat. A RX from doctor Rose.

    • Dr Rose,

      I want to give you the good news that my foot is feeling much better. I bought a sock that keeps the foot pulled up at night, and I finally got serious about stretching and rolling my foot and calf.

      I still feel a little tenderness in my toes, but not enough to slow my cardio down.

      I’m not sure if this is now going to be a thing I have to watch for, but I certainly know to take it more seriously next time.

      Thank you for the reply. I’m sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.

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